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Security Update for User Accounts:

Device Login Notifications Added to Campus (SIS-98816) [Enhancement] 

In an effort to increase security and Campus
account awareness, users will receive an email when someone logs into Campus
using their account from an unknown device. Now, when logging into Campus for
the first time from a device, Campus will require you to enter an Account Security

Email address if one does not already exist and ask if you if you would like to remember 

the device for future logins. Once an email address is established, any time you log into 

Campus using a device that has not been used to login into Campus before or has not
been designated as a device for Campus to remember will result in an email being sent to 

your Account Security Email address, alerting you that you (or someone) logged into Campus.

These notifications were implemented to keep
you aware of any account logins, especially those that might have come from
compromised account login information.


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